First off, fish fertilized stinks. Just walking to class, I was hit with the delicious smell of dead, rotting fish. But hey, at least the grass is now as green as the other side. As for the actual 4/20 festivities, it was kind of just a bunch of cops sitting around waiting for something to happen.

I got a press pass for the CU Independent so I could run around and take pictures without being yelled at. I hoped for a picture of some hooligan being beat down, or some rascal getting pepper-sprayed, but it was not to be. Boulder is too relaxed.Word came of a huge mob heading for Farrand Field, which is where I was assigned to hang around, so I got excited. The cops (and SWAT team) got excited too, apparently. They boosted up security at the entrances, and the SWAT team rolled up in their slick dune buggy. But, the lazy mob just ended up on the Duane field, with 300 people on the actual field during the smoke-out and 400 bystanders watching from the edges. Not even close to as big of a deal as it was hyped up to be. But, here’s a gallery of the photos I took from the day:

For more photos from the CU Independent:




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